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Mānuka honey

The Health Souk is proud to introduce its first partner Pryme Health, a New Zealand-based outfit that delivers 100% pure new Zealand Mānuka Honey. 

New Zealand is known the world over for its superior produce of honey that is collected in areas free of population density and pesticides, thanks to its stringent governmental laws on bee husbandry and apicultural methodology.


Pryme Health complies strictly with UMF quality standards and features a Quality Trademark that has licensed by the UMFHA as testament to the purity, taste and quality of its Mānuka Honey.

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What is Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka honey is native to New Zealand. It is produced by bees that pollinate the flower of Mānuka tree or Leptospermum scoparium. Challenging to harvest and available in limited quantity, Mānuka honey is precious because of its immense antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties that make it the superhero of every type of honey.

Mānuka Honey
Regular Honey

Unlike regular honey, Mānuka honey is derived specifically from the bees that feed on the flower of the manuka tree. It is darker, stickier and contains leptosperin, DHA and methylglyoxal (MGO) that give it more potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties than regular honey.  Simply put, it is the super honey out of all honeys available.

What is UMF?

UMF is a global standard grading/rating system that has been endorsed and backed up by the New Zealand government has endorsed to verify and recognise quality and purity of mānuka honey and its health benefits. Lab tested ratings measure the amount of methylglyoxal level in the honey. The higher the rating, the purer the quality and the more antibacterial properties the honey possesses. It is recommended to invest in any honey that is endorsed by UMF.

What is MGO?

MGO or methylglyoxal is the naturally occurring compound that Mānuka honey can attribute its healing and antibacterial powers to. The MGO quotient in honey is what determines its potency, and its grading test is as important as UMF.

Why is Mānuka honey good for me?

There are few natural supplements in the world that can boast the multiple health benefits that Mānuka honey features. Not only does it support immunity and enhance digestive health, it is an excellent remedy for coughs and sore throats. Certified Mānuka honey is medical grade and features unique topical antibacterial and health benefits that aid wound healing, treat acne and reduce scarring in addition to battling staph infections (such as MRSA) and oral bacteria that cause gum inflammation and tooth decay.

Why is Mānuka Honey So Sought After?

Unlike regular honey, Mānuka honey is derived from the flowers of the  Leptospermum Scoparium tree. These trees are only grown and found in New Zealand, and deliver a limited crop – approximately only 2-8 weeks in the year. It takes a great deal of skill to cultivate the sensitive Mānuka tree that grows at high altitudes and requires helicopters in order to harvest its honey.

What makes Pryme Health better?

In a world filled with easy fakes, Pryme Health has fast earned a reputation for its authentic 100% mānuka honey. The New Zealand-based company invests in every stage: right from its beekeepers to global exporters and features independent NZ testing for UMF levels that guarantee customers quality and purity.

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