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About Us

At The Health Souk, we believe the best way to establish a brand’s authenticity in delivering nutritional goodness is to explore its origins and story. We are dedicated to searching for and exclusively collaborating with brands across the world and within the rich confines of our sub-continent to bring you the best products and supplements that enhance and impart the required essence your dietary regimen needs every single day.

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Who We Are

The Health Souk is the brainchild of Delhi-based lads Amandeep Singh and Arshdeep Tiwana who have combined their years of friendship and knowledge of experience in the food, health and sports industry. An erstwhile professional golf player who has toured the world and overall sportsperson, Arshdeep has a history of working in the sporting goods industry and in-depth first-hand knowledge on nutritional programmes best followed by sports players. Amandeep delved into his passion for food during a 10-year stint in Ireland where he would oversee bar and kitchen activities at The Marriott and other 5-star properties after graduating from the Shannon  College  of  hotel management. His F&B experience as a hotelier and overall fascination for nutritive foods led him to research supplementary staples. Together they comb the world to bring the best of Indian products and international offerings in an exclusive format to everyone’s table at the best prices in the market.

We Value Your Safety

Our team at The Health Souk prioritizes need over want. We focus on supplements that are essential to main your dietary regime and deliver better strength, improved performance of vital organs. Authenticity is key to us, and we only work exclusively and singularly with brands that are not available in mass quantities. When you shop at The Health Souk, you can be assured of honest, and genuine quality products that have been sourced directly and tested by us before sending it out to you. The Health Souk has formed and exercises a tight quality control system over sourcing, collaborations and distribution of all supplementary brands. 

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