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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We want to deliver our products to You as quickly as humanly possible, in accordance with our Shipping Policy.


Generally, On shipping of your Order, You will get a notification from our end to your registered contact details, stating the details of the shipment and shipment service through which your Order has been shipped. Some of the shipment services engaged by us offers tracking of orders and you can track the status of your shipment by visiting the websites of such service providers. The details of tracking orders, if available, shall be mentioned in the shipment notification send from our end.

Orders will be confirmed and packaged for shipping by the end of three working days. 

For shipping within India, any dispatched order is expected to arrive within 7 working days of the product being shipped.


Notwithstanding anything mentioned in aforementioned provisions, we do not guarantee that delivery will happen within any specific timelines as it is completely dependent on the shipment services. Sometimes, delivery may take longer duration due to:

  • Bad weather conditions;

  • Transportation delays;

  • Political disruptions; or

  • Other unforeseen circumstances

In such cases, we will proactively reach out to You. Please check your emails for such updates.


To the maximum extent permissible by law, We shall not be liable to You or any other persons for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary, special, consequential damages or loss of profits, revenue or goods will incurred by You due to any delay in the delivery of orders.

That in the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by you (i.e. wrong name or address or any other wrong information) any extra cost incurred by the Company for re-delivery shall be claimed from you.


That you will use the services provided by the Site, its affiliates, consultants and contracted companies, for lawful purposes only and comply with all applicable laws and regulations while using and transacting on the Site.


You will provide authentic and true information in all instances where such information is requested of you. The Company reserves the right to confirm and validate the information and other details provided by you at any point in time. If upon confirmation your details are found not to be true (wholly or partly), it has the right in its sole discretion to reject the registration and debar you from using the Services and/or other affiliated websites without prior intimation whatsoever.

You authorize YellowLeaf Impex LLP to contact you for any transactional purposes related to your order/account.


That you are accessing the services available on this Site and transacting at your sole risk and are using your best and prudent judgment before entering into any transaction through this Site.


That the address at which delivery of the product ordered by you is to be made will be correct and proper in all respects.


That before placing an order you will check the product description carefully. By placing an order for a product you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the item's description.

Return & Exchange Policy

Cancellation by Site / Customer


You as a customer can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order by writing in to us or calling our customer service. In such a case we will refund any payments already made by you for the order. If we suspect any fraudulent transaction by any customer or any transaction which defies the terms & conditions of using the website, we at our sole discretion could cancel such orders.


Return & Refunds


Our return policy entitles all our members to return the product within 24 hours of receiving the order if the product is damaged or broken in any way. Photographs are required to be supplied for the same via email.

Once we have received the damaged product and evidence that the product is damaged or unfit for consumption in any way, we will we will issue a replacement for the returned product immediately. 

We do not issue refunds or returns if the seal on the product jar is broken. We do not issue refunds on products post dispatch. 

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